Jewelry house Menē is on the mission to give you the most out of gold and platinum in their purest state. 

Specializing in 24 karat jewellery, Menē’s creations are beyond high-end, there’s a special term for them—‘investment jewellery’. One of the founders, entrepreneur Roy Sebag, is also an independent writer and scholar on the history of precious metals, money, and jewelry, channeling his expertise into the brand. Joined by his friend, art historian Diana Widmaier Picasso, he hopes to revive the ancient tradition of jewelry as a store of enduring value.The brand combines innovative technology with timeless design to create the mind shift in how we view jewelry, and  Tomasso Chiabra, who joined Menē this year as director is responsible for this communications, strategically spreading the message. 

The message has been catching on—Menē received an overwhelmingly positive support from investors, raising $21 million in its first outside funding this December. The brand is straight on the path conquering the fashion world too— recently hosted Paris Fashion Week after party at the Hotel Plaza, and Halloween party with Alessandra Ambrosia are just few examples. No wonder, Vogue named Menē its ‘Obsession of the Day’. 

With art historian Diana Widmaier Picasso and multifaceted designer Sunjoo Moon at the helm of design team, the brand defies the myth that jewellery cannot be crafted from pure 24 karat gold due to its softness. Menē only works with purest gold and platinum, in the same form that these precious metals are found in nature, drawing inspiration from antiquity.



专业制造24克拉珠宝的珠宝品牌Menē的创作已经达到高端,他们有一个专门术语——“投资珠宝”。创始人之一,企业家罗伊·塞巴格(Roy Sebag),也是一位独立作家和学者,研究贵金属、金钱和珠宝的历史,并将他的专业知识用于该品牌。和他的朋友、艺术史学家戴安娜·威德迈尔·毕加索(Diana Widmaier Picasso)一起,他希望恢复古老的珠宝传统,将其视为一种拥有持久价值的宝库。该品牌将创新技术与永恒设计结合起来,转变了我们看待珠宝的思维。今年加入Menē的导演,托马索·恰布拉(Tomasso Chiabra)负责这一信息的传播。

这一信息一直很流行——Menē在今年12月的首次外部融资中获得了投资者的热烈支持,筹集了2100万美元。这个品牌也在征服时尚界的道路上一帆风顺——最近在酒店广场举办了巴黎时装周,而与阿莱桑德拉·安布罗西亚(Alessandra Ambrosia)举办的万圣节派对就是其中的几个例子。难怪《Vogue》杂志将Menē命名为《今日痴迷》。

艺术史家戴安娜·威德迈尔·毕加索(Diana Widmaier Picasso)和多面设计师孙乔·穆恩(Sunjoo Moon)执掌设计团队,该品牌打破了这样一个神话,即珠宝由于其柔软性而无法用纯24K金制作。Menē只使用最纯的黄金和白金,就像这些贵金属在自然界中被发现一样,从古代古物汲取灵感。